Travlinman - Amy's New Deck
Peter Steady

Amy's Old Deck It's Saturday , June 5 and with a Graduation Party

one week away and Amy wants a New Deck.

Of course we need to take the old deck apart

and save whatever is worth saving.

So that will occupy Day #1

Amy and Ethan working
We got out the hammers and bars and carefully

disassembled the old deck being careful to save

as much of the lumber as possible and we

finished in the later afternoon ready

for the new deck.

deck cleaned up and ready for the new. We want to raise the height of the new deck

to be at an elevation of one step down from

the exiting door, which is the same height

as the top of the "to be removed"

cement steps that will be removed

                                                                           to extend the deck.

More Pictures coming Soon