My ChainSaw Mill Creations
Peter Steady

Small Chain Saw Mill Shed Constructed with Chain Saw Mill

The Shed was Constructed with this Chainsaw Mill and a Hammer and a Skill Saw

Sawed Planks and Shed

This shed was done with the same Saw Mill jig

But the Planks were done with a Larger set Up

Pearl and Saw Planks setup on Blocks

The Little Girl was not quite 2 years old !

She is my oldest daughter

Small 6 foot Dome

This is a 6 foot, 3 Frequency, Icosahedron, Geodesic Dome

Pearl and Large Cross Cut Elm

This is a Cross Cut of an American Elm Tree

It measures 63 inches longest point to point and dates back way past

the assasination of Abraham Lincoln

It was donated to the Lancaster, N.H. Historical Society

This is a 38 foot, 3 frequency, Icosahedron Geodesic Dome

38 foot Geodesic Dome

I took my Smaller Chain Saw Mill and went into the woods and cut
( 120 ) pieces of 2" X 6". Although the dome is 38 feet across, and
about 18 feet tall, not quite a hemisphere, there are no center support posts,
and every piece of wood is less than 8 feet long.

Close up of Dome Hub connection