Travlinman - Fence and Gate Add On
Peter Steady

A couple of small soft wood trees needed to be

removed as to accomodate a 12 foot fence addition.

The ending 4 feet of fence tapers in height from 6 feet

to 3 feet before taking a right turn where a short gate

                                                             will link to the house.

trees cut and stumped below ground level The trees were cut and the stumps were left,

but cut below ground level.

Now it's time to dig a hole and install a 5 1/2 foot post

and then a 2 1/2 foot corner post.

Lynn's Finished Gate The Gate was made from a piece

of Fence Stock with the bottom

cut off as for the top to be the same height

as the top of the Fence.

A 2 1/2 foot post was set next to the house

as to support the Gate Hinge

Lynn's finished Gate

The Last 4 feet of the fence was

disassembled and the slats were cut

to diferent sizes and reassembled

for a Tapered Affect.

The Fence and Gate were painted with both a coat of Latex Primer and Over Coat.