TRAVLINMAN-Floating Floor Installation
Peter Steady

Cork Floor Pic 1

Cork Floating Floors, like other Laminate Floors,
are becoming more recognized
and considered an excellent alternative
to rugs,vinyl, and ceramic tile flooring.

cork floor pic 2

They can be applied over most smooth surfaces
where moisture is not present.
The choice was made in this application
to use a 1/8" thick cork sheet sandwiched between
the plywood sub floor and the cork panels.


In this case the flooring
had to be fitted to the existing threshold
and the door trim had to be cut
for the flooring to fit underneath.

Cork Floor Pic 4

The flooring has to keep a gap of 3/8"
from any point of contact
to provide room for expansion and contraction.

 Cork Floor Pic 5

Each row of flooring needs to be started
so that the seams do not line up
with the preceeding or proceeding rows.

Final results will be posted soon ! ! !