Travlinman- A Garden on a Fence
Peter Steady

As of Sunset May 25,2004 we have 17 Growing Boxes
mounted on a 6 foot high wooden fence which encloses the backyard.

Flower Boxes Looking South Flower Boxes Looking West

The box consists of 3 front and 3 rear side pieces, 2 bottom pieces,
all being of the same width dimension and a nominal 1" thick.
The bottom is 3 1/4" shorter than the length of the sides.
The ends are applied vertically and are a little bit shorter in height
than the sum of 3 side board widths.
The end pieces are fastened together by a 1"X 1" nominal horizontal piece
attached at both the top and bottom,
with the bottom piece fastened to the inside acting as a bottom support
and the top piece attached to the out side acting as a handle.

The 3 piece wooden brackets are fastened to the fence
with the box sitting on them but not attached.

Pro-Mix is used as the growing medium and we already have
Peas, Spinach, Lettuce, Squash,Pumpkins,Cucumbers,Tomatoes sprouted and growing.

It will be interesting to watch the vine plants grow towards the ground
while their leaves reach for the sun.

One definite plus is that the soil is much warmer than that of the ground
allowing for a faster growing , earlier germinating plant.

Another plus is that the fence does not cast a shadow on the plant
thus increasing the length of direct sunlight each day.