Travlinman, A Nice Outside Stairway Project
Peter Steady

Big Stone

I have been working on an outside project

involving a Stair/Walkway

that stretches from a Swimming Pool to a Driveway

with an elevation change of a little over 6 feet.

The large stones are to be left in place and not to show. Side view

They will be difficult to clear while trying to hold

a low profile as their elevations do not coincide

with a preferred rise to run pattern. The chosen material

will be a true 1" thick pressure treated wood.

The large stones will be the main anchor by drilling and applying fasteners

where ever contact is made.

Original Steps Ten panels have been built with the outside stringers

being the same distance apart as the width of the large stones.

A middle stringer was used too.

The stringers were the same material as the treads,

New stairs looking up 5/4" X 6" Nominal size. The treads were cut 54", 5" wider

than the stone/new frame width. The rise is approximately

6 3/4 inches to a 30 inch run.

I'll be fastening the panels together and to the large stones.

As things fasten together, many pounds of 3" drywall decking screws

will be used to fasten the predrilled treads to ther frame, and the frame decks to each other.

    Then comes the panel connection passing through the gate and turning right

and up to the driveway.

Stair top Memorial Day Weekend Looking down the stairs

I left it like this to stop and enjoy the

Memorial Day Weekend and then I brought it

through the gate and connected to the drive way.

first step through the gateI decided to dig into the ground and hold

a low profile. For asthetic reasons,

I put a 45 degree angle on the platform

where the steps from the driveway turn

to go through the gate and down to the pool.

step gate ,another view Two steps to go with a Vertical Rise

of 10 inches.

I'll also have to make a couple

of small retaining walls where the risers

are below ground level a few inches.

And now for the finished product.

Finished Stairs Pic 1 of 3


Finished Pic 3 of 3